Terms and Conditions


The purpose of this document is to outline the terms and conditions with regard to the usage of the Digital Postbox. The contents of these terms and conditions will be published on The Digital Postbox website for every user to read and agree to prior to use of the Digital Postbox service. The Terms and Conditions will endeavor to outline to individuals, in plain English, exactly what they are agreeing to.


These terms and conditions apply to the Digital Postbox, as well as all content and software associated with the service. Your use of the Digital Postbox will be subject to these terms and conditions. In order to begin using the Digital Postbox, you will be asked to agree to these terms and conditions.


About the Digital Postbox

The Digital Postbox provides you with direct access to letters and messages from Public Service Bodies in the Irish Government. It provides you with a personal store where you can fully manage, search and view all your communications from Government. The aim is to provide you with a single, safe and secure place to get all their Government letters and messages.

The Digital Postbox is available on an opt-in basis, allowing you to decide if you wish to avail of the service. Your access to the Digital Postbox will be secured and protected using MyGovID.

If you do not wish to avail of the Digital Postbox, that’s no problem, Public Service Bodies will continue to communicate with you as they currently do.

The Digital Postbox is operated by the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform.

Your messages

Only you will have access to your own Digital Postbox account, and your access will be secured using MyGovID. More information on MyGovID is available at www.mygovid.ie .

Once you have signed up and accepted these terms and conditions for the Digital Postbox, Public Service Bodies will, where possible, issue your personalized Government letters and messages directly to you, via the Digital Postbox.

Only Public Service Bodies will be permitted to send letters and messages to you, and each letter and message will be specific to you. There will be a no spam policy associated with the Digital Postbox.

You are in control of both the messages and senders, and you have the ability to stop any sender from sending messages to your Digital Postbox at any time.

Your responsibilities

You must

  1. regularly check whether there are new messages in your digital Postbox
  2. ensure that the Digital Postbox always has your correct email address and/or your mobile phone number in order to be notified of new messages, and
  3. immediately inform the Digital Postbox support if you become aware of or suspect irregularities or abuse of your account.


Your messages in the Digital Postbox are accessible only to you, and you alone can delete any or all of your messages in the Digital Postbox, at any time. Note, if you delete a message – it cannot be restored. Digital Postbox administrators cannot access the content of your messages.

You can terminate and delete your Digital postbox account at any time through the account management section of the service. Such termination will result in the deactivation and disablement of your account and prevent any access immediately. Following on from this, your user account will be completely deleted after 30 days. This will result in the deletion of all content stored in your Digital Postbox account. Note, if you delete your account – messages cannot be restored.

The Digital Postbox reserves the right to make messages stored in your Digital Postbox inaccessible when obliged to do so by law, and in the event other people’s personal data has been accidentally compromised.

Deceased Accounts

Your Digital Postbox account, including the messages contained within, is non-transferable and any rights to the Digital Postbox are terminated upon your death. Your account will be immediately deactivated and disabled, resulting in the following:

The Digital Postbox further reserves the right to delete your account 6 months after the event.

Limitation of liability

Unless otherwise stated in law, the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform cannot be held liable for loss, delays, non-delivery, and incorrect delivery of communications, loss of data, IT errors, virus, or force majeure situations. The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform cannot be held liable for loss as a result of unauthorized or any usage in contravention of these terms and conditions and the privacy policy. For example: if you provide others with access to your Digital Postbox mailbox, or you have failed to inform the Digital Postbox of any irregularities or abuse, or suspicion of the same.

Changes to the terms of use

The terms and conditions outlined here, are subject to change, and any changes will be presented to users in a clear and direct manner on the Digital Postbox website. In the event of minor changes, users will be notified in advance of those changes taking place. However, in the event of major changes or restrictions, users may be required to accept the updated terms and conditions.


All material, excluding messages, in the Digital Postbox, such as names, logos, trademarks, graphics, text, icons, images, software etc., belong to the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, and individual senders (Public Service Bodies). All are protected by the laws on trade mark protection and copyright.


The messages you receive via the Digital Postbox may not also be sent via alternative means, for example by a traditional physical postal service. By consenting to receiving messages from Public Service Bodies in digital form via the Digital Postbox, such messages so received have the same legal effect as if received in physical form, as per the Electronic Commerce Act, 2000, unless otherwise stated in law. Messages are regarded as received by you when they are available in the Digital Postbox.  It is important to note and carry out your responsibilities as outlined at the start of this document.

Blocking mobile access

The Digital Postbox reserves the right to block your mobile access for security reasons in the event of any suspicion of abuse. If your mobile access is blocked, please contact us.