How to Start

Registering for a Digital Postbox account is a once-off process. To start you will need a MyGovID account, this ensures your identity can be verified, in turn protecting your account. Once logged in you will be asked to accept our terms and conditions allowing all Public Service Bodies to send your messages to your Digital Postbox account. And now that you are setup you will be able to start receiving your letters, messages and statements instantly into your Digital Postbox.

Steps to Starting up:

  1. Go to the Digital Postbox portal
  2. Login using MyGovID
  3. Accept Terms and Conditions
  4. Accept all Public Service Body (PSB) Senders
  5. You’re ready to start receiving your messages.

From time to time, public bodies may request your consent to send you a message to your Digital Postbox (irrespective of you having set up your account). If you permit them to do so – the public body can send you a message to the Digital Postbox, and it will be held in a temporary account for you for 30 days or until you register for your Digital Postbox account. The public body will seek your consent to send the message to you this way and you will have provide them with your PPSN, email address and date-of-birth. As soon as the message is sent you will receive an email alert to register your Digital Postbox account.

How to delete your Account

If at any time, you decide that you no longer want to avail of the Digital Postbox, you can delete your account and withdraw your consent at any time, for more information on deleting your account click here.


What is Digital Post?

Your secure mail delievery solution for Government communications

How secure is it?

Only you will have access to your messages

Who can send me Digital Post?

The following Public Service Bodies (PSBs) will have the ability to send you messages