Safe and Secure

Allowing you to recieve and store all your important Government messages safely and securely. It has a core focus on data security and privacy by design and utilises the very best security tools and techniques.

Fast and Efficient Delivery

Instant delivery of your Government messages with immediate access. All messages are delivered in real time so there is no time wasted waiting on your messages to arrive, providing you with a faster and more efficient service.

Accessible Access

Providing you with access to all your messages in one place, stored for as long as you like with the ability to organise and delete as you choose. It is accessible from anywhere anytime, on your mobile, on your tablet and on your desktop PC.

Eco Friendly

All your docuements accessible digitally, providing an improved environmental footprint through the reduction of paper usage and lower CO2 emissions than traditional mail.

Instant notifications

Receive instant notifications via both e-mail and/or SMS (it’s your choice) when a new message arrives. No more waiting for letters to arrive by post.

Easy to Use

Enabling you to search, sort, filter and organise your messages the way you want. You will have your own individual Digital Postbox account, providing you with access to all your Government messages in one place, for as long as you like.

How secure is it?

Only you will have access to your messages

Who can send me Digital Post?

The following Public Service Bodies (PSBs) will have the ability to send you messages

How do I use it?

All the help you need to setup and use your Digital Postbox