Digital Postbox Security

Your Digital Postbox messages are stored on-premise in secure Government data centres using the very best security tools and techniques. Only you will have access to these messages, and the messages are entirely under your control – you can delete any message at any time.

What is MyGovID?

MyGovID is your single login for Government services in Ireland, and gives you safe, online access to the Digital Postbox. You will need to have a verified MyGovID account to log into your Digital Postbox account. This will ensure your access to the Digital Postbox is safe and secure, and no-one else can access it. MyGovID has been built from the ground up with personal privacy and security in mind.

By using MyGovID, the following data will be shared with the Digital Postbox:

The personal data held on the Digital Postbox will not be further shared with any Public Service Body. More information on this is available in the privacy statement.

Privacy Statement →

What is Digital Post?

Your secure mail delievery solution for Government communications.

Who can send me Digital Post?

The following Public Service Bodies (PSBs) will have the ability to send you messages

How do I use it?

All the help you need to setup and use your Digital Postbox